FALL 2020 YOUTH Teams

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(Not all teams are listed. Still in progress updating rosters on website.)

Youth Teams Head Coach
9u Horns – Biagini David Biagini
9u Horns – Wrubel Anthony Wrubel
10u Horns – Elizondo Justin Elizondo
10u Horns – Flores Sage Flores
11u Horns – Boudreaux Cam Boudreaux
11u Horns – Cervantes John Cervantes
12u Horns – Alvarado Mike Alvarado
12u Horns – Hibbeler Masen Hibbeler
12u Horns – Sabatino Daniel Sabatino
13u Horns – Elder Steven Elder
13u Horns – Manz Trey Manz
14u Horns – DeSantiago Nick DeSantiago
14u Horns – Elder Steven Elder
14u Horns – Flores Sage Flores
14u Horns – San Migel Jake San Migel