13u DeSantiago dominates in Houston outscoring opponents 61-7 to win Perfect Game tournament

Congrats to 13u DeSantiago for running the table this weekend going 5️⃣-0️⃣ to win the Perfect Game’s Line Drive Classic in Houston!! They were able to outscore their opponents 61-7 on the weekend! Shoutout to Nate Lewis & Maverick Delgado for being name MVP and MVP pitcher! Caldwell McFaddin deserves MVP recognition too going a combined 10-17 with 10 RBI’s on the weekend!! 👀

Perfect Game Line Drive Classic
W 17-4 vs Lousiana Knights
W 15-0 vs Texas Twelve Steel
W 6-2 vs ZT Elite-Ybarra
W 6-0 vs Texas Twelve Silver
CHAMPIONSHIP W 17-1 vs Houston Bengals